Christmas Mountains Records
P.O. Box 8047
Austin, TX 78713-8047
Christmas Mountain Records is a small label based in Austin, Texas run by group of friends who love music and the West Texas desert. The label gets its name from a range of desert mountains twelve miles northeast of the city of Terlingua, Texas near Big Bend National Park.

The logo for the label is the bloom of an agave parryi, commonly known as the century plant. It is found throughout the Chihuahuan desert areas of West Texas and Northern Mexico. Legend has it that the century plant blooks once every 100 years, but it's flower actually appears at 60-80 years. The rhizome of the agave is processed to distill into tequila.

Most important, however, is the music. We hope to make the overall catalog of Christmas Mountain Records as diverse as possible while celebrating innovative song writing and composition. We try to take on only the most personal and special projects and do very limited releases.

We look forward to sharing our music with you and hope you enjoy it. If you find something you like please spread the word!

Thanks for listening!

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